"Hampstead" White Sleeveless Jumpsuit

"Hampstead" White Sleeveless Jumpsuit


A spring to summer jumpsuit.

Inspired by the Hollywood masculine look that stars like Katherine Hepburn made glamorous in the post-War 1940s.

Made from a stunning white organic cotton twill, to stay fresh during sunny days and long summer nights.

This jumpsuit combines a perfect buttoned feminine top with baggy masculine trousers with a low crotch cut, pleats and pockets.

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Fabric: Organic Cotton Twill / 3-5% Lycra

Made in London


Small - 6 or 8 UK size (34 or 36 EU)

Medium - 10 or 12 UK Size (38 or 40 EU)

Large - 12 or 14 Size (42 or 44 EU)

If you have any doubts about whether a size might be right for you, please check your measures with us at info@vanesavinhas.com and we’ll be happy to help.